There are many add-ins available for Excel that improve and enhance it as a BI tool. Many of of these are provided by Microsoft themselves and many are pre-installed with latest version of Excel (subject to licensing).

> Power Query

Connect to external data and import it into Excel tables or directly into a Power Pivot data model. Click here to learn more.

Power Pivot

Create a data model (or a data cube if you prefer) directly in Excel and use the reporting capabilities in Excel including Pivot Charts, Pivot Tables, Power View and Power Map to present and analyse the data. Click here to learn more.

Power View

Create highly visual and interactive dashboards and reports, either connected to external data or to data in Excel. Click here to learn more.

> Power Map

Present data on an interactive 3-D map for others to explore in a new and exciting way. You can even export your Power Map based report as a video. Click here to learn more.