Is that YouCanExcel or UCanExcel? Sorry no, its UKanExcel

A slightly unusual name we know! So what does it mean and where does it come from?


Lets start with the easy bit. We’re UK based, in the East Riding of Yorkshire to be specific – a lovely rural part of England.


With the K prefixed to this that become a play on the word Can – Kan


This is also easy to explain, but it’s also the bit that has the most history attached to it.

This relates to both excelling at something, and to the very well known Microsoft product Excel – which you can use for just about anything, even adding up numbers would you believe :-).

At the time the name was registered, Mark (the founder) was knee deep in Excel stuff. This included the Power add-ons for Excel that were quite popular at the time: Power Query, Power Pivot and Power View.

At that time (and we’re going back to 2013/14 now) Microsoft was investing in making Excel a more powerful BI tool – that went beyond simple tables and charts.

Excel was (and still is) by far the most widely used tool for data and number crunching. But what it didn’t do well was transforming, modelling and visualising data. So the add-ons listed above were introduced; or in the case of Power Pivot (released is 2010) further improved.

However, Microsoft soon realised (as did the user community) that this approach wasn’t quite going to cut it. Microsoft therefore changed tack and released Power BI. The Power BI we see, use and love today has it roots in the Power add-ons for Excel – its basically much improved and much more powerful versions of those.

So (hopefully!) there you have it, that’s the origins of our name.

But don’t be misled! We don’t just specialise in Excel and Power BI, far from it! We have expertise in the wider Microsoft BI and Office stack, and even experience of non-Microsoft products too.