Teams call Screen Share

We know that using Teams, being sat at a PC most of the day and working remotely is new to many people. We’re therefore trying to post some blogs that may help those people. This blog is about sharing your screen during a Teams call.

It’s probably obvious, but sharing your screen means others can see what you have open on your PC.

This means you can quickly and easily show others your great work, and even work on documents, presentations etc. collaboratively. Just a warning though! you will most likely suffer the “I can’t type whilst others are watching me” phenomenon – don’t worry! everyone (even seasoned pro’s) suffer from that.

So lets get started.

Firstly, I’ll assume you know how to start and join a Teams Call. If you need help scheduling a Teams Call, and inviting others to that call, please see our Blog (link above) for more posts.

So once in a Teams call, and with Teams open, you should see a buttons menu that looks like the one below. To start sharing your screen you need to click the button circled in Red.


You’ll next see a list of images that look similar to those below. These are screen sharing options. Lets go through some of those one by one (left to right).


Desktop – this shares your entire desktop with everyone else on the call. This means that whatever you click on and have open on your PC everyone else will see.

This is a great option if you want to share and show multiple things during the call. However, you should be careful not to show/share something that you don’t want others to see – most importantly those things that contain sensitive information of course.

Remember! if you’re sharing a document using this option, and then you switch to your email, everyone else on the call will see your email – and definitely don’t switch to that F’book message you were half way through 😉

Window – this shares a specific application that you have open on your PC. In the above I could select to share the PowerPoint document I have open (the red and white “P”), Chrome (the red, yellow, green and blue circle) or my email app (the white box on the dark blue background).

This option is perfect if you only want to share a specific document, presentation etc. However, you need to remember that if you click off that document whilst sharing, and go to your email for example, that everyone else will either continue to see the document or perhaps even a blank screen.

Whiteboard – Yes this is a whiteboard you can draw on using different coloured virtual pens. This can be great for taking and sharing some quick notes, or more likely for drawing a diagram that represents what you’re talking about. Or, you may use it to have a little fun from time to time (why not!)


To Stop sharing your screen, you have two options.

  1. If you leave the call, your screen share will stop automatically
  2. Whilst still in the call, move your mouse to the top and center of your screen. You should now see a button menu that looks like the below. Click the Stop presenting option circled in Red. Your screen should now return to the Teams window where you see peoples profiles or camera feeds.


I suppose whilst we’re here it’s worth mentioning the Give control option shown above. This allows you to give some else control of your screen – which is pretty neat and pretty weird to watch things changing on your screen as if by magic. HOWEVER! this should be used VERY! cautiously! and never ever give someone you don’t know or trust control of your screen.

And that’s Screen Sharing in Teams.

We hope this helps you, particularly during these difficult times, and above all stay safe!


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