Power BI Desktop update – feature of the month (Dec-19)

Here’s a summary of the updates Microsoft released for Power BI Desktop this month. Full details on these updates can be found on the Power BI blog.


In terms of Microsoft updates for Power BI December-19 was a pretty light month – with (it seems) Microsoft primarily focused on extending popular formatting features to more visuals, as well as tying off some lose ends (including general releasing some preview features). This makes picking a feature of the month for December a little tricky.

What did stand out for us though was the custom visuals from Zebra BI. Watch the below video to see these in action; The video will automatically start in the correct place.

The “responsive” rendering of additional data representations on making a visual larger was a particular stand out feature for us – as opposed to simply making the data representation you already see larger. The option to Group a visual was also very interesting; Grouping presents a separate visual for each department, product etc. depending on what you’ve added to the Grouping field – ZebraBi refer to this as “Multiples”.

Responsive visual. Starts like this:


When made larger – looks like this:


The continued ease-of-use improvements to Themes is good to see as comprehensive/well developed Themes can reduce report development time hugely.

Creating a custom Theme using the Desktop wizard, and then exporting that Theme, will give developers a good starting point to create more comprehensive Themes – covering things the wizard doesn’t. However, until the Theme wizard covers more options and settings, and it may never cover everything, JSON skills will still be required to build out more powerful and comprehensive Theme’s.

Please do post any questions or comments you have below, we’d love to hear from you

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