Power BI Desktop update – feature of the month (Jul 19)

Here’s a summary of the updates Microsoft released for Power BI Desktop this month. Full details on these updates can be found on the Power BI blog.

PowerBIFeatureListJul19The feature we’ve picked out as the highlight for this month is the Sunburst visual by MAQ SoftwareWatch the below video to see this feature in action; The video will automatically start in the correct place.

This visual provides an excellent solution for seeing, at a glance, a hierarchical breakdown of a particular fact or measure (a value). Towards the centre of the visual we see the higher more summarised levels of the hierarchy, and towards the outside we see the lower and more detailed levels. Clicking on a segment allows us to focus in on that segment (including it’s parent and children). Clicking the centre of the visual takes us back to the previous more summarised view.

There aren’t many visuals that can present such information in one clear concise way. An alternative that does comes to mind are the various Network custom visuals available to us in Power BI now.

The clicking of segments and the clicking of the centre circle to focus in and focus out should work well on touch devices too. Other visual such as the Advanced Donut by ZoomCharts also use this centre click functionality.

There’s not a whole lot else to touch on or talk about in this update; However, the ongoing efforts to align Power BI tables with Excel (conditional formatting, icons etc.) will be welcomed by long term users of Excel.

Long terms users of Excel may also appreciate the Split column by position feature as this somewhat mimics the option we have in Excels Text to Columns feature.

The certification of the Power Apps visual means that the any Power App visuals in reports will appear in PowerPoint exports of that report (and in PDF exports too I imagine).

Please do post any questions or comments you have below, we’d love to hear from you


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