Power BI Desktop update – feature of the month (Aug 18)

Here’s a summary of the updates Microsoft released for Power BI in August 2018. Full details on this months updates can be found on the Power BI blog.


The feature we’ve picked out as the highlight for this month is Print report through export to PDF. Watch the below video to see this feature in action, the video will automatically start and end in the relevant places.

We really have to pick this as the highlight this month as this feature had so much support on User Voice. The ability to export to PDF and print reports is also something that our customers have often asked us about, and perhaps may even have prevented them from using Power BI for some reports in the past. We hope over time though that all users will get used to consuming electronic versions of Power BI reports – so all users can take advantage of the self-serve features in Power BI (slicers, drilling, cross highlighting, alerts etc. etc.)

Other mentions:

We’re also very interested to explore the Natural  language summary custom visual. This is something we kind of see and experience when we use the ‘Distribution factor insights’ and the ‘Explain the decrease/increase’ features on column and bar based charts. In some instances, and for some users, seeing the data presented as a sentence/paragraph makes it easier to understand, particularly when that text includes information you don’t see or cant easily decipher in the charts and tables themselves.

The Python integration also appears to have sections of the community very excited, and we can think of instances in the past where we would have used the Column charts with variance custom visual

If you have any other thoughts on this then we’d love to hear from you. Or if you have any questions please feel free to ask those below.

We hope you found this useful and/or interesting. If so please like, share or comment.

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