Data capture in Power BI

We recently completed some development work for a customer who wanted to display Power BI reports and dashboards and capture associated commentary and data through one common interface. The customer wanted some of the the associated commentary and data to be displayed in the Power BI content itself.

We’d originally planned to use SharePoint for this, embedding the Power BI content in SharePoint and then using SharePoint web parts (Lists most likely) to capture the required data and information. We’d then connect Power BI up to these SharePoint components to provide the required data to the reports and dashboards.

However, it quickly became clear that this wasn’t suitable for the customer as the customer wanted users to have the full Power BI experience when using reports and dashboards – something you don’t get when using such content through the various embedding options.

So we had to rethink, and in the end we used Power BI as the front-end for the entire solution, with SharePoint, Flow and Azure SQL powering the back-end. The diagram below shows what each of these technologies was used for.


And here’s what the data capture form looked like in Power BI.


Due to data confidentiality, we can’t show you how the data submitted through the data capture form was displayed in Power BI. But we used the Direct Query data connection option to connect Power BI to the Azure SQL tables. The data and information was then displayed in series of reports using the Card, Gauge and Line Chart visuals. Some of these report visuals where then pinned to dashboards.

We think this was a great solution for the requirement, and the customer is very happy too. If you like to know more than please do get in touch with us.

We hope you found this useful and/or interesting. If so please like, share or comment.

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