December is the busiest and toughest time for you local A&E Department. So how will it cope and perform this December? Perhaps the answer lies in how it did in December 2015.

Click on the dashboard image below to access a Power BI solution that displays A&E data for December 2015 (obtained from the NHS England website). The solution was developed by myself and my colleagues at Cloud2 Ltd.


  • Try using the Drill and Focus Mode icons (that appear when you hover the mouse over a visualisation) to explore the data further
  • Clicking the mouse on a chart bar (with the Drill mode turned off) will filter the other connected visualisations
  • Be sure to check out the second dashboard as well, which displays data for the top and bottom 10 Trusts based on a 4Hr Performance Ranking

*The two dashboards display data for NHS Trusts in England with major A&E Attendances only. All other Trusts have been filtered out.


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