Where did the Power View icon go in Excel?

If you’ve been using Power View in Excel 2013 and Excel O365 for a while, then like me you’re probably used to finding the Power View icon on the Excel Insert ribbon.


However; in my up to date version of Excel O365, and apparently the same is true of Excel 2016, the Power View icon no longer appears on the Insert Ribbon.

This confused the heck out of me yesterday and very nearly convinced me that I’d finally gone mad!

Thankfully not! Microsoft have removed the icon – why I don’t know! I just hope this isn’t an indication that Microsoft are to phase out the Excel version of Power View, and instead encourage users to use Power BI perhaps (see my blog for information on Power BI).

So how do you get the Power View Icon back? pretty easily thankfully!

  1. Go to the Excel File Menu
  2. Select Options from the left side menu
  3. The Excel Options window should now open
  4. Select Customize Ribbon from the Excel Options left menu
  5. Using the right side navigation tree, and the + symbol, expand the Insert section
  6. Click on the Insert heading (to highlight it in blue) and click the New Group button
  7. A New Group (Custom) item should now appear under Insert. Right click on this and select Rename
  8. Give the new group a name that works for you. Previously Power View appeared under a group called Reports so I’ll stick with that
  9.  Select a symbol if you wish (but not required) and click the OK button
  10. You can change the position of the new group using the up and down arrows located to the right of the navigation tree. I placed the new group inbetween Charts and Sparklines
  11. Now add the Power View icon to the new group you just created. To do this select the Commands Not in the Ribbon from the drop down menu above the left side navigation tree
  12. Make sure you have the new group you just created selected in the right side navigation tree and then scroll down the left navigation tree and locate and select the Insert Power View Report item. Add this item to your new group by clicking the Add > > button
  13. Once you’re happy click the OK button to close the Excel Options window
  14. You should now see the Power View icon on the Insert Ribbon (as per the below)
We hope you found this useful and/or interesting. If so please like, share or comment.

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