Resetting the Excel Scroll Bar

So you’re working away in Excel, using a worksheet you or someone else created, and you need to scroll down to row 200.

So you pick up the slider on the vertical Scroll Bar and move it down just very slightly. But instead of landing somewhere near row 200 you end up nearer row 20,000. Really annoying!! particularly if rows 1000 and beyond contain no data.

I’ve experienced this problem on more than a few occasions.

However, thankfully there is a solution.

  1. Right click on the Excel Ribbon and select Customize the Ribbon. You should now see an Excel Options box
  2. Scan down the Customize the Ribbon list on the right and activate the Developer Tab (using the tick box)ExcelOptions
  3. Click the OK button to close the Excel Options box
  4. You should now see the Developer Ribbon on your Excel Ribbon. Click on thisDeveloperRibbon2
  5. On the Developer Ribbon you should see a Properties icon, click on this
  6. You should now see a Properties box and in there you should see a ScrollArea setting
  7. Enter a value into the ScrollArea value field. In the below I’ve entered A1:Z200. This means the Scroll Bars will cover an area starting at cell A1 and scroll down and across to cell Z200DeveloperPropertiesBox
  8. Close the Properties box using the x in the top right corner
  9. You should now find that your scroll bars behave as explained in step seven above

If many of the rows in the worksheet don’t contain data then it may be worth going back into the Properties and removing the ScrollArea setting. You may find, as I’ve done in the past, that adding and then removing the ScrollArea value actually forces Excel to reset the Scroll Bars based on the content in the worksheet.

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